Problems of the previous Quadcopter project:

EMV - problems and the motorcontrol unit

  • No insulation from magnetic induction
  • High nuisance on the data lines, because of high currents (8A) for the motorcontrol switching (PWM)

Chassis problems

  • High vibrations of the chassis model, because of the material (balsa wood)
  • Low resonance frequency
  • Motor- and flight control couldn't get into a stable trim

Motor- and Gyroscope control

  • PID-modulator and complementary filter
  • Too much parasitic coupling and drag
  • Sporadic invalid data of Gyroscope control

Current problems:

Chassis weight

  • Aluminium chassis with added boltings and plates
  • Air-screw protection
  • Bolded skids


  • Isolated cables and "ground-bouncing"
  • Much more weight, because of insulation
  • Chassis provides little space for cabling

Motor control

  • Insulating the whole motor control units - HOT SPOTS and less space for cabling
  • No insulation of the motor control units - bypass to ground
  • Insulation with insulating tape - bypass to ground if careless