Previous Project

There were two previous groups, that worked on a quadcopter at our university. The first group designed the chassis with plywood, because it's lightweight and stable. The picture below shows the first prototype. They designed the mainboard by themselves.

Figure 1: 

The main idea was to control the quadcopter via iPhone or PC. They use a WLAN connection and designed already a iPhone app and a desktop application. For the WLAN connection on the mainboard they used an existent module. For the controlling of the motors they tried to use PWM but the latency was to high, so they switch to I2C. The quadcopter of this group never flew alone.

Figure 2: 

For further information, check their webpage: (German)

The next group put the concept of the first group, but changed the chassis. It's still made with plywood but the arms are thicker. The picture below shows the new chassis. Furthermore they group designed a android app to control the quadcopter and they also designed a graphical quadcopter simulation. They used the mainboard of the previous group and fixed it in some places. But the quadcopter could not fly alone.

Figure 3: 

For further information and a video, check their webpage: (German)