Electronic Engine Control

The motor control includes four voltage converters to serve 5 Volts supply voltage for the engine controllers. The communication from the BeagleBone to the engine controllers works via I²C, the signal to control the engines is pulse width modulated.

Figure 1: 

The electromagnetic shielding of data and voltage is connected to ground.
One cable harness of a single engine consists of the following wires:

  • Supply lines for the motor controller coming from the battery (12V and ground)
  • SDATA, SCLK, GND and shielding
  • 5V supply for I2C + GND and shielding
  • 3 lines for motorcontrol (pulse width control)
  • Figure 2: 

    For the controlling of the motors we use 4 pieces of BL-Ctrl V1.2

    Figure 3: 

    To step up the 3.3V GPIO output from our development platform to the desired 5V on motor controller side for the I2C Bus we are using 4 logic level converter from type Sparkfun BOB-08745.

    Figure 4: